Aria: Ultrafast Oscillators
Overview of Aria
Aria series are mode-locked oscillators, suitable for Ti:Sapphire amplifier seeding, such as UpTek Solutions Corp's Phidia series. Aria-Ti is a broad-band, kerr-lens mode locked femtosecond oscillator with a pump laser integrated. It is able to deliver more than 500 mW mode-locked output and is capable of producing up to 80 nm broadband spectrum. Aria-Ti features compact size, user-friendly operation and long-term reliability. Aria-F is a PPLN-SHG mode-locked Er doped fiber laser. It is completely formed by environmental-insensitive PM-fiber components and features hand-free operation in industrial environment with wide operation temperature range. It is the first choice for Ti:sapphire amplifier seeding.
THz Generation
Industrial FBG Production Seeding
OTC (Optical Coherence Tomography)
Harmonics Generation for Green and UV
Ultrafast Amplifier Seeding
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