Philon: Sub-nanosecond laser
Overview of Philon
   Philon series is sub-nanosecond MOPA laser system. It utilizes the world's most advanced long-life pump diodes together with an unique electro—optical Q-swith technology producing less than 1ns pulse seed; The MOPA structure is used amplifier sub-ns seed to tens mJ levels.  With extra-cavity second harmonic (SHG) and fourth harmonic generation (FHG) Philon system is capable of expand output to green and UV range with tens mJ level pulse energies.

   Philon series feature narrow linewidth, short pulses (sub-nanosecond), high pulse energy, high stability, long life, simple structure, less susceptible to external influences and so on. It can be widely used in laser micromachining, marking materials, optoelectronic countermeasures, Lidar, nonlinear optics, harmonic frequency conversion, pollution monitoring and other research, military, industrial fields.
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